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We are TRIBES. The content & creators agency of the future. We present the hottest social media chiefs, artists, performers, communities and stories. A full service one-stop-shop for content marketing involving worldwide opinion-leaders combined with an integrated lifestyle based publishing platform featuring the most authentic influencers and contents out there.

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TRIBES. Being a chief.

Todays digital landscape is based on social media channels like never before. All over the world people use online networks to express their personalities and share their passions and skills. It became easy for us to connect to new inspiring people and keep in touch with those we can’t see everyday. A lot of us took the chance to use those new opportunities to discover and share our creativity and hidden talents in order to inspire people. We create, teach and influence on a daily basis. Those of us who are leading whole communities with inspiring content are what we call „Chiefs“.

TRIBES. is focused on uniting those chiefs around the globe to work on branded projects and monetize their social media channels the most authentic way possible.

Talent around the world. United.

We team up with global talents and constantly search for the world’s most influential and charismatic chiefs out there. Our multiplatform media approach allows us to follow the creator’s stories on all relevant social media networks always suiting the type of story told.

TRIBES. engages to chiefs working in the following networks: