Circle Superstars

Underground freestyle hip hop dance battles are most definitely one of the few things still representing the culture’s origin in its purest sense. It’s all about competition and exchange of people from all kinds of backgrounds sharing a common passion. Ok, I admit that sounds like a line stolen from the script of “The Get Down” but seriously, if you have never been to an underground freestyle battle you gotta go, whether you underestimate the crayon or not  I mean, everybody knows about bboying and you’ve probably heard and seen all other styles mixed up in various hip hop and pop videos/movies throughout the last 3 decades, but when you see a battle actually divided in those categories, with all the individual outfits, philosophies and energies it’s just a whole new world. Whether it’s House, Locking, Popping, Krumping, Hip Hop, Voguing, Tricking or some of the endless subcategories it’s just great to see all those different cultures exchange under a single roof. And even though they differ pretty intensively from each other they all got the same passion and code.

Anyway, before we get lost in more Get Down’esque Grandmaster Flash Hip Hop talk let’s get down to another legendary list.

The following boys and girls are some of the flyest  standup hip hop dancers from Germany created from the world of underground freestyle battles. As the list of talented dancers is extremely long, we will focus on two of the most popular styles within this first part: Hip Hop and Popping.

Hip Hop

The term Hip Hop (also called New Style) can be a little bit misleading defining this way of dancing, because it’s like all other styles somehow part of the overall category HipHop. It’s the most commercial style though, hence it implies influences from all other styles, which is probably the reason that is named like the category. Might sound a bit complicated in case you are not too much into all of this, but it gets more obvious if you see what it looks like in comparison to the other styles.

Front picture by pexels.

Majid Kessab

Majid became a popstar winning the German dancing tv show Got to Dance and the Hip Hop world champions in Paris Juste Debout in the same year. His core style is and always was straight Hip Hop and he developed a very unique way of dissecting beats, which he passes on to his students within his own dancing academy.

Ben Wichert

Ben is another former Juste Debout winner and yet another beast killing it in hip hop battles all over world on a daily basis


Ukay is the uncrowned king of freestyle and one of the most overall talented hip hop freestylers worldwide. From House to Krump to BBoying, Ukay has done it all with great success, but his core style remains Hip Hop though, probably because it is a little bit of all. Ukay is crazy spontaneous with the gift to foresee how a beat develops in order to murder it, which makes him a crazy freestyler who is fun to watch whenever a beat drops.

Franky Dee

Franky Dee is a serious Dilla fan and won alongside Majid the Juste Debout 2014 international hip hop title, which is pretty much the world champion of hip hop dancing. Franky is like Ben pretty strong when it come to footwork and an always fresh looking dude.


Popping is the second most popular style and commonly related to the “robot”. Don’t act like you never done it! Well, the following people ACTUALLY know how to do it and once you see this you’ll never drunk-robot again.


Robozee is a popping dancer kicking it since day one. He’s an expert especially regarding Tutting which is basically dancing with the fingers and pretty active even on a commercial level as you can see below.

Patrick Williams

Patrick Williams aka Two Face is a popping OG and cultural nerd. Just like Robozee he’s very much into tutting and works as an choreographer. Apart from that Patrick is quite much involved into theatrical activities all over Europe.


Arejay is a younger dude, but not less powerful. He is famous for his extremely energetic and hard popps and has been ruling the underground battle scence for quite sometime.