Creative Scene South Africa

South Africa is to most people definitely on the map when it comes to naming creative / fashion hotspots on this planet, but considering how much talented young people with fresh and inspiring new influences this cultural diverse place actually has, SA is definitely still way underestimated.

Especially when it comes to fashion, Africa in general got a lot to offer that most people outside of Africa just haven’t discovered yet and that is why we would like to present a few creative minds on instagram who are to change that.

Check also our interview with our friend Themba, a stunning young award winning photographer from Johannesburg.

Front picture by pexels.


Zeus is one of the faces and brains behind TheABC. TheABC is a creative production agency founded in 2015 as a platform to explore the arts in different mediums as artists.


Trevor is a self-titled global African. When it comes to fashion and style he is wihtout a doubt one of the main men to follow in SA.


Nikki is currently based in Johannesburg. She is not only an impressive lifestyle and urban fashion photographer, but also an unique model herself.


Fhatuwani is an art director, photographer and creative partner of the iseeadifferentyou collective based in Johannesburg. Doing a stunning job at all ends.


Paris is a creative mind and a cool cat himself. He loves to share his daily inspirations which gives a very private perspective to his life and work.


Alexi is a talented allround instagram photographer sharing his vision in motion.