Masters of their profession
Cinematographer on Instagram
Part 1

Cinematographer know how to bring the beauty on the big screen, check out these chiefs and follow their path on social media. They create stunning pictures for Instagram, you can see in their pictures that they know what they are doing.

Front Photo by evilpics


Yoni Brook is an award winning director of photographie and director for documentaries famous for his movies like „Valley of Saints“ or „A Sons of Sacrifice“.


Ben Smithard is an British DoP, working in the fields of commercials, TV and feature films. He was responsible for the movies „I, Anna“ or „My week with Marylin“.


Larry Fong has worked together with director Zack Snyder on „300“ and „Batman vs. Superman“ or with J.J. Abrams on „Lost“ or „Super 8“. Watch out for his next visual stunning blockbuster.


Rodriego Prieto is one of the best cinematographers in Hollywood. Hits like „Wolf of Wallstreet“,  „Babel“ or „8 Mile“ came out of his camera. It is only a matter of time that he will win an oscar.


Rob Hardy works as a DoP for music videos, commercials and feature films. His last hit was „Ex Machina“.


If director Christopher Nolans plans a new blockbuster he will call Wally Pfister. He has four Oscar nominations and won one for best camera for „Inception“.


Autumn Durald is our first girl in this post. With music videos for „Arcarde Fire“ or feature films like „Pablo Alto“ she definitly deserves her place in our list.


Vincent Lafloret is an French American director, photographer and DoP. He created commercials for Apple, Nike or Canon. He  also travelled around the globe to capture the beauty of the planet for National Geographic, Vanity Fair or Sports Illustrated.