The Far Eastsiders
The Far Eastsiders

Asia is one ridiculously diverse, beautiful and culture rich continent, with a lot of interesting individuals. I mean, that’s not a surprisingly new fact obviously, looking at the millions of tourists travelling there on a daily basis, but even if you are a heavy Asia traveller knowing a lot about the country and the people you don’t always get to see it through their own eyes. That is why we would like to present a few of the countless talented creatives form Asia making us experience special as well as everyday scenes through their very own personal lenses on a daily basis.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet: The Far Eastsiders

Front picture by unsplah.


Abdul Halik Azeez is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular Instagram photographers. Halik lives in Colombo but feels at home all over the island passionately portraying spaces with heritage, history or just a personal story to tell.


Jacky’s original from Hong Kong, but studies and lives in Taiwan. Looking at all the impressive and diverse imagery provided by Jacky makes us want to book the next flight to join his trip.


Ridzki Noviansyiah is a powerful photographer from Indonesia whose Instagram account makes you feel like you actually live in Jakarta. It’s predominately a rather sober view that he provides within his snaps from basically everyday situations, but that is what actually takes you on a very in-depth trip through this thrilling city and right into his life.


NKCHU is a young talented dude from Guangzhou,China. He likes to take impressive shots from a bird’s eye view and seems to have strong rooftopping tendencies.


Yuma Yamashita shares Tokyo, one of the world’s most spectacular capitals housing over 13 million people. It’s a vivid almost chaotic place but at the same time full of symmetric design, lines and ancient culture, which he presents in a very holistic but lifestyle-focused way.


Kyle Yu is a very conceptual and minimalistic photographer on Instagram with the ability to make something out of nothing. He transforms some of the most ordinary everyday situations into works of art with his eye for colour and pattern.


Athipan Wongsuebyut was born and raised in Bangkok and is a Graphic Designer with a great passion for photography. Supported by his iPhone 6s he shares pics of his town with all its beautiful places from beaches, temples, small streets, traffic jams to children playing and people in the streets.