The Islanders
The Islanders

It’s summertime. 

Well, not for long anymore unfortunately, but as the weather gods have been nice to us all over Europe recently we don’t even want to think about all the rainy months that we’ll have to face soon. But let’s just pretend I didn’t say that because nobody wants to hear that shit right now and we’ll just keep thinking and talking about all that nice warm places or things we either just visited or about to visit within the next couple of weeks. 

Accordingly, vacation topics are all over the place and in case you are not actually on a sunny exotic islands right now, I’m pretty sure that being on a sunny exotic island right now would make you a happier human being at this very moment. With this being said, let’s take a look at 8 people actually being on some of those cool islands – like, all the time. 8 people sharing impressions of their very different and inspiring lives on islands all over the world via social media, making us almost painfully wanderlust. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet: The Islanders. 

Front picture by pexels.


Cocorrina is creative design studio, founded by Corina Nika in 2012. Th studio is based on the small Mediterranean island Kefalonia. Corina and Theo (who is her husband) are the two co-owners of Cocorrina and they are obviously living an island life that seems pretty decent.


Nino is a self-appointed child of the south displaying the beauty of Sicilia. Historic architecture and a wondeful landscape is what he provides in an artistic way.


Marco Hernández Luis is a Spanish student in his early 20’s born and raised in Tenerife. Together with his girlfriend Ester Cuni he provides beautiful insights of the impressive world surrounding them on Tenerife mixed with dreamy portraits.


Axlif is a freelance designer from the Maldives. He provides not only impressions from some of the most heavenly beaches and landscapes on earth but also insights of the colourful and very cozy capital, Malé. Malé is an impressively tiny and crowded  island with a lot of charm often overlooked by tourists just looking for the wonderful beaches (who could blame them). Axlif provides the full picture though and most of the warm images on his account are shot with nothing but an iPhone.


Jaume is a Spanish photographer living and working in Mallorca capturing breathtaking images of  the islands most wonderful spots equipped with a Sony Xperia X.


Misterver is a stunning Instagram photographer from Honolulu giving us a great personal and artistic view of Aloha state’s capital shot with an iPhone. As personal as it gets within the pics, Misterver doesn’t seem to be too much into selfies or personal information, so it’s really just all about his art and the artistic impressions of Hawaii he provides through his personal lens.


Sure, Bermuda’s scenery is beautiful. But the people of Bermuda are beautiful, too – a fact that gets immediately apparent as soon as you hit “follow” on Meredith Andrews’ feed, who is a Swedish-born photographer living in in the vibrant hues of Bermuda.


Captain and Charlie is a successful couple defining what we understand by the spirit of „The Islanders“. The two globetrotters just decided to buy a boat and basically live on it, sailing from island to island and coast to coast sharing their thrilling journey with us via Instagram.